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Emotional Abuse - You're Not Going Mad

Do you feel like you're disappearing, not important?

Do you constantly question yourself?

Feel your self confidence is on the floor, and basically like you're losing the plot because even when you speak about how you feel, no-one seems to understand?

These are some of the feeling associated with experiencing emotional abuse, along with depression, anxiety, worthlessness, guilt, sadness.


Emotional Abuse is a 'hidden' abuse, some call it 'the silent killer', because it is not seen the way physical abuse is. Also the symptoms can often be, and are, dismissed as being connected to something else. A large proportion of society have little understanding of what Emotional Abuse is, and how it presents. In addition the perpetrators of Emotional Abuse often use Gaslighting alongside, which further complicates how abuse presents, causing its victims to doubt their version of reality, destroying self trust, self esteem and self belief.

What are some of the signs of Emotional Abuse?

1) The Silent Treatment (Stonewalling)

2) Refusing to Accept responsibility for actions

3) Indifference when someone appears hurt, sad or upset

4) Ridiculing a person for expressing vulnerability

5) Threats or Intimidation

6) Name calling

7) Witholding Affection as a punishment

8) Abandonment & or walking away from you during a discussion unless time out period is agreed

How can Counselling help?

1) Your therapist can aid you develop strategies to address some behaviour you're experiencing.

2) It can give you a safe space to be heard, understood and believed

3) It can help you rebuild your self-esteem, self trust and self belief

Please do reach out if you are experiencing this, and need some support.



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