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The Power of the SMALL

Ever felt overwhelmed by a goal (physical mental or emotional)?

Psychologically and emotionally it can feel SO big. This is can feel even more so with mental health journeys, when we feel stuck in a cycle of experiences, or at the bottom of the pit of depression/anxiety.

The thought of "doing ONE SMALL THING consistently" can often feel like its irrelevant and pointless "a bit daft"

"How can that make any difference?"

but that is disregarding the POWER OF THE SMALL!

How can something small be powerful?

Ever had a small leak in your bath - nightmare!

Ever had a stone fly up and crack your windscreen? Ever got a stone in your shoe?

Ever made a snowman? it starts with one small snowball rolled consistently.

A grain of sand on its own, whilst very apparent if it accidently gets in your sandwich, isn't necessarily powerful/strong. However take lots of grains of sand and some water you've got a sand castle, or added to a bag can stem the flow of water, or added with other ingredients makes a brick to build a house or a wall.

A pickaxe point is very small against the thing that needs to be broken up. When used repeatedly in the same spot is very powerful in breaking up a rock.

When climbing a mountain, one SMALL STEP is one step closer to the top, and one step further from the start. Add each small step together and you have achieved a climb to the summit, A BIG GOAL!

So don't minimise or criticise yourself for the ONE SMALL THING that you do consistently for your mental health. Firstly it takes more effort to take that first step, and believe me, you will experience the POWER OF THE SMALL in moving you from where you are to where you want to be.

What SMALL thing can you do today?


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